Founded in 2001, the AMFA Educational Trust, provides grant funding for eligible 501(C)3 nonprofits, schools, and other public entities located in or serving the communities represented by the AMFA membership.


Use the Short Form Application to request less than $1,500

Use the Long Form Application to request $1,500 or more

The Grant Parameters serve as a guideline for eligible projects, and detail the application process.


To be considered, requests must address at least one of the following three priority areas.

  • Employment opportunities
  • Grants to educational institutions
  • Lifelong learning in manufacturing-related education


The AMFA Educational Trust WILL consider grant requests for:

  • Existing programs, expansion of program, and projects that are time-limited in nature.
  • New programs/organizations that demonstrate clear and relevant goals.
  • Programs and educational activities that seek to build capacity.
  • Repeat applications, although priority will be given to NEW requests.
  • Robotics programs/competitions.


Applications Accepted

Review Date

Funds Released

October – January

February 1


February – September

October 1